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Home / Course Outline Italian 1, 2, 3 Regents and Honors

Buon Giorno a tutti!

I enjoyed my studies at the University of Notre Dame Australia and completed my Bachelor of Arts degree (Philosophy, Politics and Italian) in 2004. At University, I was awarded the Italian Prize Scholarship funded by the Italian Community which was based on Academic Excellence in Italian. My Master of Arts degree at the University of Wales (U. K) focuses on aspects of archaeoIogy, European cultural history, early modern philosophy and science. I have been teaching Italian at St.Dominic's High School since 2005 and am also the moderator of the Philosophy Club, Sign Language Club and Italian National Honor Society.

I love travelling to different countries, exploring different cultures, and this is one of the reasons why I became a world language teacher. I love all things Italian, from food to fashion, from art to music and soccer.

To my current students: You bring much joy to my classroom!
To my future students: I look forward to teaching you Italian!

2016-2017 School Year
Italian-Levels 1, 2, 3.
Teacher: Ms Pellumbi
Material needed for this course: The Textbook, Workbook, Notebook, a Folder to keep all handouts I give, and Dictionaries, Italian-English and English-Italian.

Classroom Rules:
-All work should be written in blue or black ink.
-Every student should have their book, notebook and workbook in class every day (no exceptions)
-No one is to stand up from their seat unless permission by the teacher is granted.
-No one is permitted to speak without permission. Simply raise your hand and wait to be called upon.
-You will be assigned to your seat that you are not to change without the teacher’s permission.
-Every one is to treat another with respect and tolerance

School Rules:
-All rules and regulations given in the Student Hand- Book MUST be followed by ALL students at ALL times.
Daily Procedures 
-Enter the classroom quietly and use a pass if you are late. 
-Copy homework assignment from the board.
-Copy daily class work and exercises.
-Present new material followed by activities
-Answering any questions that students have and explain homework.

Course Structure:
-One or two half period quizzes every week (on grammar), one or two quizzes on vocabulary, the material at hand as well as on a given topic we have done on Italian culture. Friday will be quiz day for ALL students. (Unless told otherwise) Italian 1 class ONLY will have quizzes on A, C, E days.
All students are required to complete and hand in at least one movie project and at least one major paper and at least one presentation throughout the school year. Further notice will be given.
-Oral work includes oral quizzes, as well as efforts in talking Italian in class. 
-Honor Classes will be handed extra materials to read and work upon.

Grading system:
Assessment is based on a number of points gathered from all work done in homework, workbook exercises, quizzes, oral work, and major projects. The total points earned will be made into a percentage of the total points possible. Workbook exercises will be reviewed as we go through them, and collected after the completion of each chapter. There are no make-ups except in case of illness. This will be checked with the attendance office. In case of long illness (more than two days) you are required to check the homework online. It is the students’ responsibility to find out what the assignments and/or quizzes are. All textbooks, notebooks, workbooks, MUST go home everyday, not having them during the absence will be no excuse.

Extra Help:
Any student who has difficulty with the given material to study and/or work is responsible for notifying me and arranging for extra help sessions. Extra help will be available on Wednesday in room 202 after classes. Students who are members of the Italian National Honor Society are requested to help tutor students who need help with Italian language during the Extra Help time.
Italian 3 levels, both Regents and Honors are Regents courses. To earn Regents credit, students must pass (65% or higher) the FLAC exam at the end of the school year. The FLAC exam is similar format to the Regents exam and covers speaking, listening, reading and writing. This exam will also count as the student's final exam grade.