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Sign Language Club

Sign Language Club

Moderator: Ms. Pellumbi

Sign Language Club invites all students to participate in learning a unique language in using signs and symbols instead of sound. All are welcomed to learn in expressing themselves in a very meaningful and significant way which is diverse and challenging from other languages.

Members of the Club for Academic School Year 2016- 2017:

President: 1. Jessica O'Brien
Vice President: 2. (TBA)
Treasurer: 3. (TBA)
Secretary: 4. (TBA)

5. Ashley Atkins
6.Matthew Doyle
7. Matthew DuBourg
8. Emily Carney
9. David Diano
10. Elisabeth Garrison
11.Thomas Hahl
12. Renate Kurth
13. Robert McDermott
14. Jennifer Peterson
15. Rebecca Puma
16. William Simone
17. James Willis

There are 14 students in Sign Language Club this year. Meetings are held every other Thursday on A- Week in Room 202. The membership drive for this club will end October 27th.