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Government & Economics

Mr. W. Timothy Homan
Social Studies

Mr W. Timothy Homan          American Government and Economics: 


This part of the course is designed as an overview of the structure of our state and national governments. The course emphasizes history, patriotism, civic-awareness, and respect for the law. The following topics will be covered: Types of government and comparisons of their economic systems, historical and philosophical developments of our present government system, the theory of federalism, and the direct/implied powers of the three branches of government as designated by the U.S. Constitution. Students are encouraged to exercise critical thinking skills and apply governmental theory via weekly writing assignments, exams, quizzes, and group work.


This part of the course is a survey of the U.S. economic system that includes the foundations of economics (scarcity, production, and the mixed market economy), micro and macroeconomics, and the role of the U.S. in a global economy. Students will be instructed to apply economic theory to real world situations.

Course Expectations:

 Students are responsible for being on time, coming prepared to class with their organized notebooks and a pen/pencil. Students are expected to participate in class discussions and activities. Students are also expected to behave in a respectful manner in this classroom.

Course Evaluation:

Students will be evaluated by organized notebooks with all work, class work, tests, quizzes, and participation in activities.


Students should have their Tablets with them every day 

1 notebook, pencils/pens. A notebook with a folder is recommended for loose handouts given in class. This notebook will be used for this class only. Please bring materials EVERY DAY!

Grading System:

My grading system is very simple—the total number of points you receive divided by the total possible points for those assignments. One grade will be Class Writing Work 20 % Homework is 20% and Test and Quiz grades 60%

The Research Paper is due in Feb. topics to be discussed

Extra Help is available on either Monday after classes in Room   309 (I usually have detention duty so I am here for at least one hour)


We have read the material on Government and Economics:       


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