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Drawing & Painting

Ms. Susan Burton


Course Description

Drawing And Painting- 1231

Course Overview:

This course provides an in-depth exploration to the practices and materials associated with drawing and painting and prepares students to work in a variety of media, including charcoal, pastels, acrylic paint, oil pastels, watercolor and mixed media. The curriculum emphasizes drawing and painting from observation and the development of thematic drawing and painting. Students further develop skills established in Foundations in Studio Art, including form, light, perspective, color theory, proportion and scale. Students will also study art history, aesthetics, and art criticism in order to become aware of how these practices are applied to their own artwork. Please check student handbook for any prerequisites.

Advanced Painting- 1232

Students taking this course should be proficient in Studio Art Foundation skills. They will explore contemporary and traditional styles of painting with the artists and art movements that relate to them. They will work in various genres of painting including abstract, still life, portraits, landscapes, and surrealism. Painting from observation and imagination will also be included. Please check student handbook for any prerequisites.



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