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Placement Tests and Musical Auditions

Please refer to the following information regarding placement tests and choir/band/orchestra auditions.
The placement exams for the Class of 2027 will take place on date given out at registration.  All exams will take place in Marian Hall.  The following is the information regarding each exam:
  • Math- Algebra/Geometry-  All entering freshmen will sit for either the Algebra (currently enrolled in Math 8) or Geometry (currently enrolled in Algebra I Regents) placement exam.  The Geometry exam will determine if you qualify for either the Geometry Regents or Honors course.  The exam  will begin at 8:00 AM.
  • English/Social Studies Honors- Entering Freshman who wish to be considered for placement in either English 9 Honors or Global 9 Honors will sit for this exam.  This exam will begin at 9:00 AM. 
  • World Language-   Entering Freshmen who are currently enrolled in either a Spanish or Italian I course (as an Eighth grader) are invited to sit for one of these exams to determine if they can enroll in Level II.  The exam will begin at 10 AM.
  • Chemistry- Entering Freshmen who are currently enrolled in Regents Living Environment are eligible to sit for this exam.  A qualifying score will allow the student to enroll in Chemistry.  The exam will begin at 11 AM
All exams have a standard testing time of 45 minutes.  Students who are entitled to additional time on tests (IEP/504/Declassification document) must provide documentation prior to the exam.  Qualified students will have 1.5 X for each exam they sit for.  
Music:  To audition for selection into either Choir/Band/Orchestra, you will send in an audition video.  The following are the criteria:
Band/Orchestra- Prepare one song that you are familiar with that shows your playing ability . In addition prepare two major scales of your choice.

Chorus- Prepare one song (verse and chorus) that shows your vocal range.
All audition videos need to be sent to Ms. Pitaluga at [email protected]

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