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About Me

In third grade I was writing stories with my best friends Ellen and Carolann. On rainy days our teacher would read our creations to fellow classmates and I discovered through my peers’ responses the power of words and the joy of sharing them with others. I have been filling up lots and lots of blank pages ever since. Recently, I earned a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and have written a collection of short stories entitled The Glasses. I am very excited to pass down all that I have learned to the students in my Creative Writing club.

In addition to collecting words, I like to collect experiences. I have lived in a number of states, traveled alone to some interesting countries (like Kenya!), and worked as an exercise rider at various racetracks and as a Veterinary Technician in an animal hospital. I began my teaching career at Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead where I taught biology and microbiology for 19 years. My path in life has been quite an adventure, one that continuously opens up new possibilities. I love to spend my spare time in the company of good friends, animals, nature, books, art, and, of course, my imagination!

I joined the St. Dominic community in 2010 and know that it is a privilege and blessing to be afforded so many opportunities here to share, encourage, learn, and most importantly, to belong. The library is a beautiful space, enlivened by the students that come and go each day.