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Social Work

The following groups, facilitated by Mrs. Jennings, LCSW, are designed to assist our students and will begin this fall:

Discussion group: Guided discussion group to help lower stress, problem solve, improve esteem, communicate more effectively and ease social interactions.

Stress Reduction: Learn skills and techniques to reduce your stress and live productively in spite of anxiety, and practice relaxation techniques, positive self-talk, while you receive peer support.

Relationships: All relationships go through challenges. Whether you are dealing with the pain of ending a relationship, want to deepen other relationships in your life, or just want to connect, this group will serve as a source of support.

Bereavement: Whenever we encounter the death of a loved one, it can be a time of great sadness and confusion. This group will run, as needed, for six weeks to help students identify grief reactions, discuss feelings and changes they are experiencing while learning effective coping and self-care techniques, and maintaining the memory of a loved one.

If you believe that your child would benefit from this and like to participate in one of the above groups, please contact Mrs. Jennings for details. 516-922-4888 x 5122.
Please see the attachment below for information provided by Mrs. Jennings, our school social worker, regarding student support groups.