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Guidance » 2021 College Admission Session Highlights

2021 College Admission Session Highlights

Pennsylvania State University, 9/13/2021

College admissions representative: Laurie Wax

Contact Information: 


16:1 student to faculty ratio

275 academic programs: 

95% of students are involved in clubs and activities

Common app, while applying you have to fill out my Penn State profile, self-reported academic record (won’t ask for transcript till you are accepted),

SAT/ACT: test optional through 2023. 

11/1 early action deadline


University of Connecticut, 9/14/2021

College admissions representative: Bryan Feener

Contact Information: 


COVID-19 vaccine required

115 majors and 120 minors

Popular majors: biological sciences and psychology

Competitive majors: business, fine arts and engineering

SAT/ACT: test optional through 2023

Self-reported academic record (won’t ask for transcript till you are accepted) 

Priority deadline 12/1; Regular decision deadline 1/15

Offering both virtual tours/information sessions and in person open house


University of Scranton, 9/15/2021

College admissions representative: Rebecca Wagner

Contact Information:


Priority deadline 11/15; Regular decision deadline 3/1

COVID-19 vaccine required


Mercy College, 9/16/2021

College admissions representative: Stephanie Drew

Contact information:



SUNY College at Geneseo, 9/20/2021

College admissions representative: Suzanne Miller

Contact Information:


Early Decision 1 Deadline: 11/1

Early Decision 2 Deadline: 12/1

Regular Decision Deadline: 2/1


Marist College, 9/20/2021

College admissions representative: Kelli Nienstadt

Contact Information:


Early Decision 1/Early Action Deadline: 11/15

Early Decision 2/Regular Decision Deadline: 2/1


Lawrence Technological University, 9/22/2021

College admissions representative: Jane Franko

Contact Information:


Rolling admission; students are encouraged to apply early


Union College, 9/23/2021

College admissions representative: Vernon Castillo

Contact Information: 


Early Decision 1 and Early Action Deadline: 11/1

Early Decision 2 and Regular Decision: 1/15


Hofstra University, 9/27/2021

College admissions representative: Andrea Nadler

Contact Information:


Early Action 1: 11/15

Early Action 2: 12/15

Regular Decision: Rolling admission


Western New England University, 9/27/2021

College admissions representative: Rhianna Blake

Contact Information:


Early Action: 11/1

Regular Decision: Rolling admission


Saint Joseph’s University, 9/28/2021

College admission representative: Michael John Connell

Contact Information:



Duquesne University. 9/29/2021

College admission representative: Rachel McCloskey

Contact information:



College of Charleston, 9/30/2021

College admission representative: Hannah Fralinger

Contact information:



New Jersey Institute of Technology, 10/5/2021

College admission representative: Joana Marmelo

Contact information:



Manhattan College, 10/6/2021

College admission representative: Nick Marter

Contact information:



SUNY College at Oswego, 10/7/2021

College admission representative: Catherine Foster-Anderson

Contact information:



Iona College, 10/12/2021

College admission representative: Benny Rivera

Contact information:



Providence College, 10/14/2021

College admission representative: Elizabeth Ward

Contact information:



Endicott College, 10/18/2021

College admission representative: Thomas Hanley

Contact information:



Sacred Heart University, 10/18/2021

College admission representative: Trevor O’Brien

Contact information:



Fairleigh Dickinson University- Metropolitan Campus, 10/19/2021

College admission representative: Alexa Perez

Contact information:



Merrimack College, 10/20/2021

College admission representative: Patrick Lahey

Contact information:



Roger Williams University, 10/21/2021

College admission representative: Tom Durigan

Contact information:



Johnson & Wales University, 10/25/2021

College admission representative: Linda Craine

Contact information:



St. John’s University, 10/25/2021

College admission representative: Lisa Sayo

Contact information:



Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, 10/26/2021

College admission representative: Tom Gleeson

Contact information: