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Saint Dominic High School

One Journey Through Faith and Education

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Dr. Smith, It may seem a bit out of the blue, but I would like to thank you, the St. Dominic's Science department, Cold Spring Harbor Labs, and anyone else involved in the creation of the Science Research class. I was able to participate in it and many great memories come from that class. As you may be aware, I am currently in my second semester of my freshman year at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute working towards a degree in Biomedical Engineering (BME). I knew that BME was what I wanted to pursue and I knew that the Science Research course was going to be something I both enjoyed and would learn a lot from, though I didn't know how much it would help out. For my major, I am currently enrolled in an "Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology" course. I cannot express how much the Science Research class has been able to aid in my studies. Nearly all of the labs have been, more or less, copies of what I had done junior year at St. Dominic's. Many topics covered in lecture are extensions on what I had learned at St. Dominic's. Topics can get rather complex and may seen hard to understand, but coming from the more basic versions taught during high school has been such a blessing. I cannot count the number of times that I've found myself smiling because I remembered doing a similar lab or learning certain material in Science Research. I am extraordinarily grateful that the course was offered and that I was able to participate in it. I hope that you can relay my gratitude to all those involved in the Science Research class, it truly is something special. Sincerely, Catherine Stippell St. Dominic Class of '15

"St. Dominic High School is more than just bricks and mortar. As one of the oldest Catholic High Schools on Long Island it truly encompasses faith, family and a sense of belonging to a very special place. My son chose to attend St. Dominic when he could have attended several other Catholic High Schools. He was able to recognize that he would not only get a wonderful education, but also be an active participant in sports, clubs, activities and community service. All of these things helped him to grow into a caring, thoughtful and self-confident young man. When he was applying to colleges, he was able to demonstrate that he had the skills from his years at St. Dominic that would serve him well in college. Our family was blessed with being a part of the St. Dominic community. The faculty and staff consistently demonstrated their dedication to the students. We believe that it is this relationship that our son had with his teachers that gave him the confidence to foster relationships with his professors in college. We have wonderful lasting memories of our time at St. Dominic." -Mrs. DelRosso (Parent of Class of 2013)

"When I came St. Dominic’s to tour here before my daughter became part of the class of 2014- I left with tears in my eyes. What an incredible school we have, the energy in here amazed me, you can feel it. The motto at St. Dom’s is “You Can Get There From Here”. I can tell you you can get there from here, as a female business owner- in a male dominated industry you can get there from here... This is a very special place; you are afforded endless opportunities, first an excellent education, and wait until what my generation refers to as the convent- is transformed into the science center- How awesome will that be? But I also believe it’s a place that offers so much more. When I’m asked what my profession is, and I answer funeral director- There are so many responses and questions. The first response and the most amusing usually are “You don’t look like a funeral director!” I’m never quite sure what that means! Family business and my answer is yes. Would you have gone into this business if you didn’t have family... probably not, but I can’t imagine doing anything else? How do you do it do you get depressed- do you become hardened to death? And these are my answers. Do you get hardened to death- no never and once you have buried a loved one- you understand, you feel the pain of death Do I get depressed... I truly believe my business is not about death it’s about life- It’s about a ministry of helping people through the most difficult moments of their lives. . How and why do I do what I do? My faith. A faith that has been nourished here in this very church my entire life- as a graduate of the elementary and high schools. I believe the foundation that all of us receive, and the foundation that you are receiving allows us to move forward to go where we want to go. Along with my faith. I have one other thing that gets me through.. My absolute addiction to running I have run 4 marathons and by the end of 2011 will have run 6 marathons. I truly believe that we are capable of anything we set our minds to, how do I find the time to run I own your own business- have 2 busy children. It requires some discipline- I get up at 5:10 AM and by 5:30 I’m running –I train with a trainer 3 times a week again discipline. The discipline I learned here at Doms gets the credit for my marathon training. On one of the few beautiful spring days we have had I came up here at dismissal to drop something off to my daughter Sarah before her softball game. Later that day I called a friend, a fellow class of 88 alumni and I said to her remember spring at Doms remember baseball season, and spring sports the feeling of sportsmanship and friendship. I stood in the parking lot remembering the happiness of those years. I also came up to school at dismissal on Friday the seniors last day, I sat in my car observing for a few minutes- I watched as students hugged and thanked teachers- I watched as some tears were shed- and I stood and felt the incredible emotion as the seniors exited the parking lot, Anstice street lined with Fr. Kevin- faculty and staff, and other students waving and cheering. In that moment I thought I would not want my daughter at any other High School on Long Island. Those seniors just received an excellent education they are prepared- I want my daughter in a school where seniors and teachers hug tearful goodbyes, I want her in a high school where the street is lined on their last day. I felt it, from the moment Sarah walked through these doors I knew we were in the right place. I have always been a proud graduate, proud to say I am a parishioner of St. Dominic’s, but I don’t think I could be any prouder than to say my daughter’s here, that she is a honor student that she is a Bayhawks soccer player, member or the bowling team, and softball player. I truly hope that all of you sit here tonight knowing that you have been given a gift, a privilege of a catholic education, in a very special place. And remember the words of Msgr. Collins “Of all the words of men and pen the saddest are it could have been” You are given the tools, Go out and get there from here." -Karen Devine-Class of 1988 and Sarah Minicozzi, Class of 2014, Francesca Class of 2019
Dear Ms. Peduto, Ms. Junjulas, and Mr. Dillon, "I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for everything you have taught me. In all that I have learned at St. Dominic, I am by far most prepared for English. Ms. Peduto, junior year, you taught me the importance of writing papers and analyzing books. You strengthened my grammar skills and through private sessions brought my reading section in the SAT up 150 points. Thank you! Ms. J, I had the pleasure of having you both sophomore and senior year. Sophomore year you brought so much fun into the classroom while reading Julius Caesar. Because of you that is a book I will never forget. Senior year you took it to another level. You taught the AP kids to analyze books; you taught us that everything was written for a reason. Though the course was challenging you helped the ten of us to have an amazing senior year. Thank you for helping me develop an amazing life skill and being so fun. Mr. Dillon, you taught me vocabulary that I will remember forever and the way you taught everything else was so memorable. I will never forget my freshman year English class. Thank you for helping me to perfect my college essay and for being an amazing role model. I send a big thank you to all of you for everything you have done. You have all taught me so much in and outside of the classroom. I hope this school year brings you great joy and happiness." -Class of 2014 student
"St. Dominic High School offers a warm and inviting, rigorous academic environment for students. Being the parent of two graduates, both in top rated universities, Villanova in Pennsylvania and Bentley in Boston, I can say with complete confidence, the choice to have my children attend St. Dominic's was the right one. We currently have a junior at St. Dom's and plan to send our middle school daughter next year. I am extremely pleased with the Christian environment my children are surrounded in every day. There are an abundance of clubs and activities with moderators helping the students develop a strong moral compass. The growth I have witnessed and continue to witness is confirmation that my family is in the right place. The award winning sports teams are at a level where each student can compete and contribute in a positive manner. The term "You are a name and not a number" rings true at this wonderful institution. The dedication exhibited by the teachers in conjunction with the curriculum put in place by Administration has proven that St. Dominic High School is truly one of the best college preparatory schools on the Island." -Diane Gervasi Volberg -'83, Thomas Volberg - '11, Christopher Volberg - '13, Olivia Volberg - '16, Julia-'19 
Dear Ms. Junjulas, "I just wanted to thank you for last year. I started college today and had my first literature/ writing class. You truly prepared me for so many aspects of the class I am taking. We are focusing on the gender roles in literature and society and it is a seminar, so all the talking and discussions we did in class last year was really helpful for my first class today. In addition, we had one first assignment and it was annotating an article.  The fact that you spent a decent amount of time going over how to annotate really helped me. I just wanted to let you know that you really prepared me for the class I am taking and that I am very thankful I had you for a teacher." - Class of 2014 student
"We have three children that call themselves Bayhawks! Two of whom graduated and one is a current student at St Dominic High School. Our decision to make the investment in St Dominic High School has been rewarded several times over. St Doms family atmosphere and small size has enabled all of our children to be successful in and out of the classroom. The dedicated staff and close-knit atmosphere has provided opportunities for our children that they might not have gotten at a larger school such as playing on multiple athletic teams and being involved with numerous clubs and service projects. There is a strong correlation to success in the classroom and student involvement and St Dominic High School has provided that opportunity for our children. Our college age children graduated St. Dominic High School well prepared for the rigors of college and have been successful in their collegiate studies." -Lou and Theresa Mayr

"As you walk through the halls of St. Dominic's you have an overwhelming sense of family and you see the individual attention each child receives. Each student is held to high standards of discipline and accountability. St. Dominic empowers each student to be academically challenged especially with the new science building & programs. Each of our girls took advantage of the science research program which has enlightened them and encouraged them to continue studying in the science and math fields. St. Dom's developed our two daughters into two very bright shining stars that possess confidence, are faith-filled, possess a strong sense of spirit, well-grounded individuals who have become well rounded. With all the opportunities afforded them at St. Dom's from sports, clubs, the opportunity of going to Europe learning about different cultures and the chorus and band program each student has the opportunity to find themselves! St. Dominic to us has it all and gives its all to each and every student that attends!" -Michael and Joanie Bonacasa (Catherine and Rosalie) Class of 2015 and 2016

 "From my first meet-the-teacher night back in September 2010, right up to graduation a few weeks ago, I knew we had chosen the right school. When we attended the open house in the fall of 2009, there was some mention by more than one faculty presenter about how at St. Doms, a student had the opportunity to be a big fish in a little pond. That may be true, but there are some students who will always be the little fish, no matter what size pond they are in. At St. Doms, those little-fish students are paid attention to, encouraged, and made to feel special and worthwhile. To me, that is the essence of what makes St. Dom's different from the other schools. It's not that it's a smaller school, it’s the fact that there is personalized attention paid to each student even if he or she is not a star athlete or an honor student--and that's a truly Christian environment." -Class of 2014 student

"St Dominic High School offers my sons a well rounded high school experience. It provides the opportunity to be challenged academically while preparing them for the next level of their education and compete at a high level of sports against some of the most highly decorated athletes in the NSCHSAA all while practicing their faith daily. As an alum myself from the class of '86 I have watched the school change and stay ahead of the times to better the student body giving them the tools necessary for success at the next level. Sending my children to St. Dominic Schools means that I am confident they will have the same opportunities I had entering the next level of education." -Tim McAuliffe '86 -Conor McAuliffe '15 -Liam McAuliffe '17, Catherine '19 

"Whenever I am asked about Reiss' decision to go to Dom's, my response is always "it was the best decision we let him make!" My husband and I have over 20 years of Catholic school education between us. We have raised a faith based family and are involved in our own parish. But we never felt like we needed to send our children to a Catholic school because we lived in an area with a very good school district. In fact we honestly believed Reiss would be the first grandchild to go to public school. It was always our intention for him to take the CHSEE. We thought it was a good way to benchmark his schooling as well as leave his high school options open. It also helped that many students in our area took the test, so he was amongst friends. Then one day, Fr. Gerry, a resident priest of St. Dom's, a good family friend and a constant (but now former) presence at the HS, suggested that he consider St. Dom's. So, a few weeks later, Reiss "shadowed" a fellow baseball player, then went to the homecoming basketball game, then received a call from the then captain of the baseball team...and things started to take shape. St. Dom's became the place he wanted to go to High School. His days at Dom's have brought him friendships, experiences, challenges and faith, all beyond what we could have hoped for. He has had faith filled experiences that he would never have had otherwise. He traveled with the largest group from a NY Diocese on a pilgrimage to the national basilica with Fr. Gerry to Washington DC, participated in a midnight run to bring clothing to the poor with Mr. O'Brien and became a Eucharistic minister with thanks to Deacon Iandoli! But most important, we believe our son has matured into a conscientious and caring young adult. We didn't raise our son alone. We know that outside experiences, people and influences from everywhere, play a role. But what we didn't know, was how St. Dominic's High School would become the heart of such a fruitful journey that ultimately yielded a young man and son, that we couldn't be more proud of!" Best to you~ -Anne and Dave Knehr (Reiss), Class of 2015

"I must say I do not remember a time in my life when I was as happy as I am now. ASU has really changed me for the better! It did not take long at all to start fresh and make new friends. Everyone here is incredibly friendly and some are possibly the nicest people that I have met in my entire life. The events that I have taken part of are more than what I can imagine. Going to the big football games, going through fraternity rush, and just living the life of a typical ASU student. The weather has been awesome on a daily basis. Hope it doesn't seem like I'm bragging but it has been sunny and warm all day long. Except at night the temperature drops a lot! Now for what seems more important, academics! Besides math, I love everyone of the classes I am taking! The workload is sometimes much, but I don't mind because the assignments revolve around things I like, I am good at, and can even express myself in. It is showing because the grades I have been getting are exceptional. Being exposed to many aspects to film at ASU has given me the courage to do things above and beyond my imagination. Through other friends and connections, I have been able to meet a lot of people and celebrities to talk with and give me advice. With that, I am very proud to say that I have my first interview for an internship with a local movie distributor this week. This was done simply by me meeting another person, talking, realizing we both had a lot in common, and it ended up with him saying he was with a company that I love, and him giving me his card asking me to call him. We will find out on Friday what happens. I cannot stress this enough. Thank you so much for all you have helped me with. If I didn't have your guidance throughout last year, I would most likely not be at ASU. I am very thankful and blessed for everything you have done for me! Anyway hope all is doing well, hope the new school year is going along well, and hope to catch up with you soon." -Class of 2014 student

I have been quite a busy person. After my four years at Georgetown I completed 2 MSEds at the University of Pennsylvania in Teacher Education and Language & Literacy. Now I am back home on the island as I await my big move to the Bay Area in California to begin a PhD program at the University of California, Berkeley. Many people thought I was crazy when in the 8th grade I decided to leave Kellenberg and go to St. Dominic's for my high school career, but I have yet to regret that decision. The education and support that I received at St. Dom's far surpassed my expectations and helped lay a foundation from which I am still reaping rewards. The experiences and opportunities that i had while at St. Doms are innumerable and unforgettable from FBLA to Model UN, Student Ambassadors to Events Staff, Penn Relays and Swim Meets at Eisenhower Park, I must have been involved with everything I could possibly do as one student. i know that such an experience would not have been possible at any other high school - public, Catholic, or in between. I wanted to thank you and all the faculty and staff for everything that you have done for me and know I have not forgotten where I came from. It was people like Mrs. Hathaway and Mr. Homan who pushed me and supported me; Others like Dr. Rehm and Mr. Mammano who challenged me and nurtured my intellectual growth; Mr. Nee, Mr. Beirne, and Coach Nupp who helped me develop as an athlete; And the countless others along the way who all have a special place in my heart. My many thanks for all you have done and continue to do for others. Once I get settled in California I will send along my address to be kept abreast on any news or mailings for alumni. I hope you have a wonderful summer!!" Warmly, Krista L. Cortes