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Saint Dominic High School

One Journey Through Faith and Education

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is your average class size?

At St. Dominic we take pride in the fact that our teachers know our students personally. Our average class size is 22 and our faculty to student ratio is 1 to 12, so our administration, faculty and students have the opportunity to get to know one another, which creates a personal learning environment.

  1. Is there extra help offered after school?

Yes. Although the school day ends at 2:45 p.m., teachers are generally available after school.  Each department has an extra-help schedule which is posted on our website at the beginning of each school year.  Students can also arrange to see teachers outside of that schedule if more individual attention is needed.  Students involved in sports or those without late buses will also have the opportunity to see teachers during the activity period which will be a part of the regular school day.

  1. What if my son or daughter has to go to extra help and is involved in a club, sport or activity?

Our school day includes a club and activity period as a part of the school day schedule. This will allow our students, even those involved in after-school sports or those without late buses, to be active in the clubs of their choosing.  As mentioned above, it will also allow students needing extra help to see their teachers before sports practices begin or on the days on which they are not attending an activity or club.

  1. How does your curriculum prepare students for SAT/ACT exams?

Students are regularly exposed to the skills they will need to be successful on these exams in their math and English classes. Additionally, Sophomores and Juniors take a year-long SAT/ACT preparation class as a part of their regular schedule.  One semester of that class is devoted to math preparation, and the other is devoted to English preparation.  These classes are taught by our own faculty.

  1. Do you offer accommodations for students with educational plans?

Yes, we do. Our resource room is located on campus and we evaluate student services at the end of each year.  Students requiring resource room services have a period in their schedule set aside for that purpose.  We also offer a testing center for students entitled to extended time on tests.

  1. What travel opportunities does St Dominic offer?

Each year, our students embark on a European trip sponsored by our World Language Department. Typically about 40 of our students participate in this trip.  Our seniors will also embark to Walt Disney World for their annual senior trip.

  1. What about transportation? Does my son or daughter get a late bus?

New York State mandates that students be provided transportation to non-public schools within 15 miles of the district, although some districts will provide transportation beyond that limit. Each year, parents must apply to their district for transportation for the coming school year by April 1st.   Late buses depend upon your home school district.  Many districts provide late busing, but this can change from year to year depending upon district budgets.

  1. What are your school hours?

Our school hours are from 7:50 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

  1. If my son or daughter has to stay late, is there a place for him or her to go or to do homework?

Yes, our library is open until 4 p.m. on most days. There is also supervision in the sports center each afternoon until 6 p.m.  Students can also do work in the cafeteria after school.

  1. Do you offer scholarship money?

Yes, we do. St. Dominic is able to offer qualifying students scholarship assistance through the generosity of our alumni and corporate sponsors.  Academic scholarships are awarded to those students who receive qualifying scores on the Catholic High School Entrance Exam (CHSEE) or the New York City TACS exam.  If your son or daughter has indicated that St. Dominic is one of his or her school choices on the exam, he or she is automatically in the running for an academic scholarship.  Those being offered these scholarships will be informed of it in the acceptance letter that they receive in January.  

In order to remain eligible for his or her academic scholarship each year, the student must:

    • Achieve at least an 85% overall average for the school year.
    • Participate fully in at least one co-curricular or extra-curricular activity (athletics do not fulfill his requirement)
    • Remain in good standing in the school community.
  1. What assistance do you offer students with the college admissions process?

Our Guidance Counselors meet regularly with each student to guide him or her through the process. They are always available to help each one decide which college is the best fit for him or her and to assist in the application process.   Additionally, students spend time in their Junior and Senior English classes preparing and refining their college essays.  For more information, please visit the Guidance homepage on the high school website.