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Saint Dominic High School

One Journey Through Faith and Education

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Newspaper (Bayhawk Bulletin)

The Bayhawk Bulletin is the school newspaper, which is published bi-monthly by students interested in journalism.

Our Mission: To produce a timely, notable school newspaper that informs, educates, and entertains the St. Dominic Community. We wish to promote positive behavior, Christian values and school spirit.

Our Staff:
Editor-in-Chief -Kieran Sullivan
Layout Editor - Jillian Estrada, Nicole She, Isabella Grbic
Sports Editor -Clayton Ezell, Russell Perciballi, Robert Rossiter, Christopher Shea, Ryan Shea
Entertainment Editors -Samantha DeNinno, Noel Lassandro, Lauren Velenizas.
Proof Reading Staff -Michael Brennan, Colin Brennan, J.J. Alicea
Photo Editor - Matthew Finn
News Editor- Jack Dowing, Michael Leat, Vincent Baldi, John DiSpigna

Faculty Moderator: Ms. Proctor