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Chromebook Updated FAQ

Can students print at home from their Chromebooks? Where can they print at school?
Students are able to print at home from their Chromebooks provided that they have a WiFi printer that can be added to the Chromebook by IP address or Google Cloud Print. Since home Internet routers and printers vary widely, we cannot support issues with connecting personal printers. However, the links below explain the process of adding a WiFi printer to a Chromebook. You may also wish to consult the manual for your printer.
In addition, assignments and files in Google Classroom, Google Drive and other Google services can be accessed on any Internet connected device. Therefore, if a student has a home computer which is connected to a personal printer, he or she could log in to the school account and print any documents needed.
The Chromebooks are already pre-configured to allow students to print to the Library and Computer Room printers.