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Past Assignments


1) Watch the video on Google Classroom how to create an Activities Resume
2) Start creating your activities resume
3) Submit your activities resume to this post by 11:59 pm on Tuesday (D Day) 2/13


By next class meeting, please make sure
1) All GADS (Google Applied Digital Skills) Lessons for If...Then...Google Slides project are finished
2) If...Then...Slides are posted on Google Classroom in appropriate dropbox
Remember - the group that generates the best story and is able to post their assignment in the right spot by class time will win a box of munchkins for their group :)


Complete up to Activity 3.3 in Google Applied Digital Skills. You are continuing working through the modules of your If...Then... choose your own adventure story.  The link to get to GADS can be found below:
Remember, Chromebooks must be fully charged and ready to go when you come to class. Failure to bring a charged Chromebook will result in academic detention.


Cycle 7 HW
Google Docs Saint Infographic Poster Project
1) Complete the Project Planning Sheet (on p 7 and 8 of the document below). You will need to submit a handwritten copy of this next week.
2) Read the rubric and use it to guide you as you design your Saint Infographic
3) Complete the infographic and SHARE with me by class time next time we meet - do NOT print it.


Cycle 6 HW - Due next B Day (10/31)
1) Complete Survey on Google Classroom by next class.
2) Read syllabus with parents and return signed by next class.
3) Send me ( an email from your St. Dom's email. In the email, teach me one new thing either about you or something you are interested in. Every day you learn something new and I'm planning on learning many new things from you today! Remember to follow friendly letter format - including a greeting and the teacher's properly spelled name with title, along with a proper closing (Sincerely, Best, etc. and your full name with proper capitals).