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Health Office

                                                                    Welcome Parents/Guardians:

The New York State Education Department requires physical examinations for students entering grade 11 as well as new students to our school (which includes all 9th grade students).  Please be sure the physical form is completed in its entirety and is mailed to the health office before the beginning of the school year and no later than August 1st.  All new students must present written documentation by a physician and stamped by a health facility, including complete dates of all immunizations before entering school. 

 NY State Education Law 135.4(7)(h) requires that all students participating in interscholastic sports have a current physical on file. 

Any student wishing to participate in a sport must have a parent or guardian fill out a sports update form which is available online or in the health office.    

Students are not permitted to carry medication  of any kind.  If medication is needed during school hours please complete the Medication Permission Request Form which is available online located under "Health Forms"  or in the health office.    

Throughout the year, please keep the health office informed of any infectious diseases such as strep throat, scarlet fever, chicken pox, mononucleosis, hepatitis, conjunctivitis, Fifth’s disease, head lice, and COVID-19 as well as any changes in your child’s health status.  

If your child is going to be absent from school due to illness or surgery, please notify the Attendance Office.  


All forms can be found under "Health Forms" tab.

Each athlete who is planning on trying out for Sports must see the nurse for clearance during their lunch period. The attached Sports Health Update Form must also be filled out by parent or guardian and submitted to the nurse. Please click below to download.