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Upcoming Reunions

Upcoming Reunions
CLASS OF ‘73 50th REUNION!!!
Plans are in the works for this special event (late August/early September 2023). A dedicated planning committee has been established and is actively at work! More details to follow as soon as they become available.
If you are a graduate of the Class of ‘73, please take a moment to show your interest in attending and celebrating with us. Just reply “YES, COUNT ME IN” to the email address shown below. Be sure to include your former/current name and contact info (please include postal address, email, and phone number)!!!
There is a public group on Facebook for ALL SDHS graduates (St. Dominic High School, Oyster Bay NY) which we encourage you to join!
Once you have joined, inviting your ‘old’ SDHS friends/classmates is easy!
Search FB for the group page St. Dominic High School, Oyster Bay NY (be sure you’ve located the PUBLIC group page) and click the word INVITE.
On the INVITE MEMBERS page, you’ll see a complete list of your FB friends.
Invite your fellow alumni by reviewing your list and click the word INVITE next to the names of all those who
are SDHS graduates.
On behalf of the entire committee, thanks in advance!
Brigid Bozzello
SDHS Class of ‘73
[email protected]
For more information or to mail in a check, please see the attached invitation below.