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Saint Dominic High School

One Journey Through Faith and Education

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About Us » Mission, Vision, and Educational Philosophy

Mission, Vision, and Educational Philosophy

St. Dominic High School is now in its ninth decade of offering a value-centered, Catholic education to young women and men on Long Island. In fact, St. Dominic is honored to hold the distinction of being the oldest high school in the Diocese of Rockville Centre. St. Dominic is and always has been a parish high school -- parishioners proudly refer to their high school as "The Parish Gem" -- yet from its earliest days it also has attracted students from communities outside the local area. That it has consistently been able to do so is no accident; the hope and intent of the founding pastor, Monsignor Charles J. Canivan, was to make St. Dominic Parish "an educational center that included a high school of outstanding merit."

At the time of its founding, St. Dominic was one of only a few schools accessible to young men and women seeking a Catholic secondary education. Today, even with many more schools in the region for students to choose from, St. Dominic continues to draw students from a broad geographic area, an area that encompasses more than 30 communities and 38 public school districts in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. The key to St. Dominic's perennial attractiveness and success is simply this: St. Dominic strives to respond to each student in a personal and caring manner, treating her or him as an individual with unique needs, aspirations, and potential. St. Dominic begins by helping the students at the level "where they're at," then seeks to bring them to a higher, better place in their lives -- intellectually, socially, morally, and spiritually.

St. Dominic High School Mission Statement
Like our patron, St. Dominic, this Gospel community seeks religious and academic truth.  We are educated to promote prayer, charity, and respect with reverence to Mary, the mother of The Absolute Truth, Jesus Christ.