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Saint Dominic High School

One Journey Through Faith and Education

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A Partnership of Spirituality

Campus Ministry Stewardship Day in Long Beach

Students Cleaning Up During Stewardship Day

Celebrating Mass During Stewardship Day

Students on the Long Beach Boardwalk During Stewardship Day

Stations of the Cross:  Easter 2021

Practicing Our Faith At the Weekly Mass


A New Journey Begins!

Our Lady Bayhawk Lacrosse Champions - 2021

Students Who Dream High and Succeed

Students Who Share Their Gifts

Students Who Love to Entertain - Fall Revue 2020

Hitting the High Notes 

A Line Drive in the Gap

Cheering on Their Teammate After a Monster Home Run 

Defending the Crown: Lacrosse Champions - 2021

On Broadway - 2021

Songs from the Broadway Revue - April 2021 

Battle of the Classes 2021 - Junior Teammates

Seniors Ready For Battle - Battle of the Classes 2021

A Spirit of Friendly Competition - Battle of the Classes 2021

Battle of the Classes Champions - Sophomores 

Building Bridges

Sophomores on Retreat

Juniors on Retreat

Ready to Take the Court

Running for the Gold

A Team of Aces

Christmas Dress Down Day

A Visit With the Bishop - Fall 2021

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Bishop Barres Celebrates Mass at St. Dominic - Fall 2019

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Our Students Performed with Foreigner - 2019

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Spirit All The Way - Cheerleading Squad 2019

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Students Who Give: Breast Cancer Walk - Long Beach 

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Homecoming 2018

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Soaring to New Heights

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Pig Heart Dissection - 2019

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Another Strike - Bowling Team 2020

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Our Namesake

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Thank You for Your Support - Bayhawk Alum

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Our Field of Dreams - Athletic Field 

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Our Places of Worship: The Chapel and The Church

94 Years 1928-2022


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Bayhawk Media Productions Launches!

Bayhawk Media Productions is run from our Communications Studio where our content is produced and edited. Our shows include Daily Dom's News & Highlights, Best of the Nest Sports Reporting and the Hawk Talk SDHS podcast. Click here to start listening to and viewing our content!
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At A Glance

Our Mission

Like our patron, St. Dominic, this Gospel community seeks religious and academic truth. We are educated to promote prayer, charity, and respect with reverence to Mary, the mother of The Absolute Truth, Jesus Christ.

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Graduate Profiles

Kyle Dayton '15

SUNY New Paltz/Geology
Mr. Nee inspired me to follow my geologic dreams and helped me find what I want to do for the rest of my life. I am currently a full-time researcher at New Paltz and will be a TA next year. Thanks to all of the AP classes I took at St. Doms, I am able to graduate over a full year early. I'm so glad I've found what I love, and it was all because of St. Dominic.

Kyle Young '16

Philadelphia Phillies
St. Doms has done everything for me. From all the memories I made to the lifelong friends I have now, I couldn't be more thankful for my time at St. Doms. The whole staff knows how to prepare you for college and the real world. I will be forever grateful I made the right decision to be a part of the St. Dominic HS family!

Al Carey '69

University of Maryland/Pepsico, CEO
When I was a teenager there were days I didn't appreciate my Catholic education at St. Dominic. Today, I know it was the foundation for my life, and the discipline and spirituality have lasted. I'm very grateful for my St. Dominic education, and I'm glad to help others get some of the same gifts I received.  

Reiss Knehr '15

Fordham University/San Diego Padres
Attending St. Dominic was a life changing experience! I would not be where I am today without all of the people involved. All of the staff always cared about you and your family and wants to help you. If I had to choose a high school all over again, I would choose St. Doms every time. When I walked onto Fordham's campus my freshman year, I felt so prepared not only in my classes, but for the real world as well. Besides the outstanding curriculum St. Doms has to offer, in every classroom lesson, there seemed to be a life lesson hidden in there that I didn't realize until I was on my own.