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Saint Dominic High School

One Journey Through Faith and Education

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Goals & Philosophy

The mission of Campus Ministry at Saint Dominic High School is to bear witness to the love and power of God, and the height and depth of our Catholic Faith. With the Eucharist at the center of the life of our school, our students are formed after the heart of Jesus to worship God and to joyfully live their faith throughout the world. The Campus Ministry Program also contributes to the catechesis of our students through the development and teaching of our high school theology curriculum. 


Every one of our students is given the opportunity to grow in their faith both inside and outside of the classroom. The Eucharist is the source and summit of our Catholic identity and mission. Through our weekly school Masses and many opportunities for Eucharistic Adoration, our students receive the spiritual nourishment they need to be faithful disciples and effective evangelizers in the world. 

Since the handing on of our faith is our first and foremost priority at Saint Dominic’s, we consider every administrator, faculty member, staff member, and student a part of our Campus Ministry team. Each person plays an integral role - a role that is rooted in our baptismal identity as beloved sons and daughters of the Father.

Our mission is simple: to lead every member of our school community into a deeper level of faith through a friendship with Jesus Christ, empowering them to go forth into the world and preach the Gospel after the example of our founder, Saint Dominic. 

Ultimately, Jesus is the one who sets our hearts on fire and gives us the strength to live out our vocation to greatness. This is truly God’s work. Our prayer is that Campus Ministry will make the living God present in the life of every student.