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Daily Announcements » Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Girls Tennis defeated St. John’s 4-3
They have playoffs next week.

We will be having our St. Dominic Spirit Day this Friday, October 4th to get ready for our "Homecoming" on Saturday at 9:15 at Teddy Roosevelt Park.

The dress code is as follows:
Tops: any St. Dominic t-shirt, St. Dominic long sleeve shirt, or P.E. uniform t-shirt (This includes St. Dominic athletic 1/4 zips and/or sweatshirts)
Bottoms: St. Dominic athletic shorts (MUST SAY ST. DOMINIC), NO SPANDEX or cheerleading skirts. You can wear P.E. uniform shorts, sweatpants, PJ pants.
Shoes: Sneakers only.

If a student does not want to dress down, they must be in full St. Dominic uniform.

We encourage all faculty to participate in spirit day as well.

Please check the attendance office and cafeteria for the list of outstanding absence notes. Notes are due when you return to school.