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Past Assignments


Food Inc Worksheet is due on google classroom!
BDF Wednesday 3/14/18
ACE Thursday 3/15/18
If you do not have it turned in by your class period you will serve academic detention.


Hope everyone enjoyed our short week and double snow days which turned into a nice long weekend! but now its time to get back to business as the second quarter comes to and end and midterms are upon us. The health midterm will be given to you during class the week before finals.
ACE classes will have their midterm on Tuesday 1/16/18.
BDF classes will have their midterm on Wednesday 1/17/18
If you know you will not be in school those days YOU MUST LET ME KNOW ASAP so we can schedule a date for you to take the midterm.


BDF- Thursday 10/19
ACE- Friday 10/20
We will review in the class previous to the test.


Attached is the class syllabus