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Ms. Susan Burton


Course Description

Introduction to Ceramics- 1251

Students will be provided with a basic ceramic experience extended from his or her knowledge of design and drawing to build three-dimensional visual thinking skills. Students will learn about and use tools to express themselves in clay through the hand-building techniques of pinch, coil and slab. Exposure to historical and contemporary ceramic practices and examples lead to experimentation in ceramic sculpture for students. Beginning exposure to the potter’s wheel. Please check student handbook for any prerequisites.


Advanced Ceramics/Sculpture-1261

Advanced Ceramics/Sculpture builds on techniques explored in Introduction to Ceramics while looking deeper into the concepts of three-dimensional pottery.

Students undertake more intricate and experimental forms in functional pottery and ceramic sculpture. Students develop a personal style while learning how to use the potter’s wheel and other advanced hand-building techniques. Developing their own projects and participating in classroom critiques allows students to reflect on and develop their own work, their purpose as an artist and their aesthetic. Please check student handbook for any prerequisites.




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