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International Relations / Model UN

Mr. W. Timothy Homan
Social Studies

Course Description


Course Description International Relations and Model United Nations

1 Year Course (meets alternate days in schedule)

Joining the Model United Nations Club is strongly encouraged but not a requirement for the class

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the foundations and theories underlying international relations in the 21st century.  Beginning with an examination of theories driving international relations in the 20th century, students will employ analysis as they examine modern issues and determine the ways in which traditional diplomacy applies or has been rendered obsolete in this global world; coursework will also consider novel options in 21st century diplomacy.  International Relations class is designed to provide students with opportunities to examine modern issues via writing, presentations, and simulations in order that they can hone their own diplomatic acumen.  Major topics include diplomacy, geography, globalization, conflict resolution and global security, the rise of non-state actors, and sustainable development.  Students will develop research, evaluative and analytical skills which they will use to illustrate analysis and synthesis of the curricula.

Rationale:  College-bound students interested in majoring in international relations, political science, international business, economics or regional studies would benefit from greater exposure to these topics.