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Oceanography Class Goes Fishing

On October 3, Oceanography students attended a Marine Biology field trip on the Great South Bay off the coast of Freeport with Mrs. Shanley and Mr. Hoffmann. Aboard the Dolphin fishing vessel, naturalists from Nassau BOCES taught students about estuary ecosystems and how to test for abiotic factors in saltwater, such as temperature, turbidity, salinity, dissolved oxygen and pH.  A dredge of the bay allowed students to collect marine organisms such as spider crabs, snails, a variety of algae in the touch tank.  They also assisted in a plankton tow and used microscopes to view the tiny creatures that make up the base of our marine ecosystem. After rotating around to all stations, students enjoyed lunch, learned how to fish and spent the rest of the day catching sea bass, sea robins, fluke, and even a few sand sharks! A great time was had by all.