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Spring Sports Clearances

All students interested in playing a spring sport needs to have a current physical not more than a year old AND a sports health update form filled out by a parent.  The students need to see the nurse for clearance.  This MUST happen regardless if you played a fall and/or winter sport.

We have created a schedule for the spring sports to hand in their sports health update and/or updated physical exams:

February 4-8:  All Baseball levels

February 11 and 12: Girls Lacrosse and Softball

February 13 and 14:  Boys Lacrosse

February 15: Boys and Girls Golf

February 25:  Boys and Girls Track and Field

February 26:  Boys Tennis and Boys Volleyball

February 27,28,29, and March 1:  Anyone who was absent during this week or did NOT receive their clearance.

Students should stop by the health office with their sports health update form already filled out by a parent and current physical if one is not already on file in order to be cleared to participate.  Students should come to the health office to see the nurse during their lunch period for clearance.  Please have the necessary paperwork and come on the assigned day for your sport.  When cleared, the nurse will enter your clearance into the system.  I will provide the coach with their cleared athletes.  I have attached the physical forms and sports health update to this e-mail for your convenience.  If you have any questions, please contact the health office at 516-922-4888 x5166 or via e-mail at

Please be reminded that no students should see the nurse without a completed sports health update or physical.

Please also be reminded that if you are not cleared for physical education, you are not cleared for sports.