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Ciao a tutti!

I enjoyed my studies at the University of Notre Dame Australia and completed my Bachelor of Arts degree (Philosophy, Politics and Italian) in 2004. At University, I was awarded the Italian Prize Scholarship funded by the Italian Community which was based on Academic Excellence in Italian. My Master of Arts degree at the University of Wales (U. K) focuses on aspects of archaeoIogy, European cultural history, early modern philosophy and science. I have been teaching Italian at St.Dominic's High School since 2005 and am also the moderator of the Philosophy Club, Sign Language Club and Italian National Honor Society.

I love travelling to different countries, exploring different cultures, and this is one of the reasons why I became a world language teacher. I love all things Italian, from food to fashion, from art to music and soccer.

To my former students: You will always be somebody's reason to smile!
To my current students: You bring much joy to my classroom! "The only wealth in this world is children. More than all the money and power on earth; you are my treasure"
To my future students: Welcome to the Italian Family at St. Dominic!
Italian Courses:  Italian 1, Italian 2R+H, Italian 3R+H, Italian 4R+H, Italian 5