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Saint Dominic High School

One Journey Through Faith and Education

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Mr. Brian Chase » Welcome!


Hi everyone!  My name is Brian Chase, Database Administrator at SDHS. This is my 4th year. What a joy and ministry it is to be here!

I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Education from Eastern Nazarene College, which focused on Christian Education for Children/Youth/Adults, Church Administration and TESOL.

In addition, I received a Master of Arts degree in Missions from Tokyo Christian University, which emphasized building bridges cross-culturally as well as cross-cultural communication with the Gospel message as a foundation.

I was born and raised in New Hampshire. Having also lived in Japan for 10 years as a high school student and seminarian, I have the ability to speak and read the Japanese language fluently. I thoroughly enjoy using OS systems interchangeably in both English and Japanese among iPhone 6, MacBook Pro, and Web-Based SIS/SMS/CMS systems.

These domestic and international educational experiences have provided invaluable direction to me in my prior non-profit & church positions as a pastor, Director of District Operations, Director of Student Information & Data Services, Director of District Work & Witness (student work projects and teams), and Coordinator of Special Ministry to Japanese (SMJ). I have also had the honor of serving as On-Site 9/11 Disaster Director for the Metro NY District Church of the Nazarene from 2001-2003.

My passion for sports, especially Cross Country Running and Marathoning as well as Track and Field, aids me in my fitness abilities, endurance and my continued interest in Elementary, Junior High, and High School student fitness. Having been a requested volunteer coordinator for 11 consecutive years at a Bellmore Elementary School Field Day, in charge of their running relays, this annual event continues to teach me the necessity of fitness among our children/youth and adults alike, as well the importance of involvement in school and community events. 
Lastly, I have excitedly been involved in Youth Ministry as a Youth Pastor at my local church over the last three years, overseeing and directing other leaders in serving the younger generation as they grow in their faith journey together.
I look forward to serving the faculty, staff, students and families throughout the 2018-2019 school year.
Many blessings...