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Welcome to the

Science Department


The Science department follows the New York State curriculum for all classes other than Elective classes.  All students at St. Dominic HS are required to take four years of Science. 


The following courses are offered at St. Dominic:


Earth Science

Living Environment



AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Environmental


Elective classes include:

Anatomy/Physiology & Forensics


Molecular & Genomic Biology Research




Students taking Regents level classes; Earth Science, Living Environment, Chemistry and Physics are required to complete and have on record a minimum of 1200 minutes of lab work.  


These classes also require students to sit for a Mid-Term exam, a Final exam and the Regents exam.  In addition, students taking Regents Earth Science must complete a Lab Practical exam, which comprises 15% of the Regents exam score.


All science classes have extra help sessions one day per week.  Click on the individual teacher name to determine which day they are giving extra help. You can also click on the link below to see the extra help schedule for all the science teachers.


Students are invited to participate in Science Honor Society, Science Olympiads, and Health and Science Careers club.  You may click on the links to these activities for more information.


Each teacher is available by the click of a button! Please click on the Staff link to send any one of us an email if you have any questions or concerns. 


Students interested in working with the DNA Learning Center may apply for the Molecular & Genomic Biology Research class.  Students who wish to take this class must meet approval by the department.