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Admissions » Director of Admissions Welcome Letter

Director of Admissions Welcome Letter

Dear Parents and Students:

At St. Dominic High School, we are investing in the resources our children need today to fulfill the promise of tomorrow. By expanding and upgrading our schools with the best quality of teachers and technology, we are improving educational outcomes and giving our children the opportunity to be college and career ready.

Our STEM program and world language lab have been implemented to take our students to the next level in education!  For us at St. Dominic, the commitment to tomorrow begins today. Strong schools are an investment in our next generation of thinkers, workers, and leaders, and we pride ourselves on having the visionary leadership to develop a Catholic-value based education suited to meet the needs of a diverse and exceptional student body.

Each year, St. Dominic takes great strides to create an educational environment that will prepare our students to compete and succeed in the global economic market.

We invite you to join us on our mission to give our students the quality education they need today to enjoy the future they all deserve. Call 516-922-4888 ext. 5325 to come see our school.


Matthew J. O'Brien

Director of Admissions

Maria Ehlinger

Assistant Director of Admissions