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Spanish Honor Society

Capitulo Juana de Ibarbourou
MODERATOR: Sra. Mendoza

Candidates beyond the sophomore year, who have achieved an average of 90% or above in Spanish, have demonstrated qualities of good character, and have expressed an interest in the study of the Spanish language and culture are eligible for membership. The duties of the members involve tutoring other students that need extra help with the language after school and/or during study periods. Meetings of the society are held every other Wednesday to discuss the business of the society and for extra-help sessions. Members must also participate in the preparations of World Language Week, International Club activities, Field Trips related to the study of the Spanish language and culture as well as participating in contests and projects that involve the Spanish language in New York State. After induction, members must continue to attend all meetings, provide tutoring to other students and assist in all the activities related to World Language Week, the International Club and any other projects involving the department.