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The College Application Process

The College Application Process (Brief Overview):

1. Obtain and complete college applications (Common App, SUNY, CUNY, school-specific).

2. Fill out all portions of the Common Application online; or complete whichever application you choose to use.

3. Request Teacher Recommendations first in person using the teacher recommendation form below and then electronically through your Naviance account.

4. Sign the FERPA Waiver on Common App and link your CA and Naviance accounts.

5. Send your counselor your College Processing Form (Google form) for every school you are applying to. This is the only official request to have your transcript, letters of recommendation, and other school materials sent to the college. One must be submitted for every college you are applying to.

6. Remember to send your test scores (SAT/ACT) directly from the testing agency websites to the colleges.

7. Submit your application to the college/university.


Be mindful of your college and scholarship application due dates and please note the following:
  • The guidance office requires a minimum of 10 school days to process all college/scholarship applications. This means the College Processing Forms are due to your counselor at least 10 school days prior to a deadline.
  • College/scholarship applications that need to be sent out before Christmas vacation (that would be those colleges and scholarships that have January 1st or 15th deadlines) MUST be sent no later than December 1st.
  • Juniors, Seniors and their families should make use of the attached College Planning Guide designed for St. Dominic High School's Class of 2021.